Risk Mitigation

Rados has established an independent testwork facility at Mintek in Johannesburg, South Africa, utilising a full commercial scale Rados XRF sorter, to carry out testwork on client’s specific ores.

This testwork facilitates:

  • The functionality of the Rados XRF sorter in the pre-concentration of specific ores.
  • The determination of the parameters to establish the techo-economic viability of each specific pre-concentration opportunity.
  • The variability of the client’s ore body, and the impact thereof on the Rados XRF sorters functionality.
  • The determination of the sizing of the Rados facility.
  • The determination of the Rados value proposition.
  • This testwork arrangement, together with the standard Rados sorter performance warranties, significantly mitigates the client risk profile in the application of Rados XRF technology.

Test Work to Date

  • Base Metals
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Kimberlite
  • Manganese
  • PGMs
    • Merensky
    • Platreef
    • UG2
  • Rare Earths
  • Uranium